227 entering passive mode ftp connect connection timed out In Pureftpd, To solve the error, the passive Port range should be added to the Pureftp... 404 Forbidden Error Hi,If you are getting an error like :"Forbidden, You don't have permission to access / on this... Computer keyboard shortcut keys List of basic computer shortcut keys:   Alt + F--File menu options in the current program.... DNS error while adding a Parked domain in WHM A parked domain is used to display the same website as a primary domain on WHM. If the domain you... Email Configuration Email Features of cPanel One of the best features of cPanel is that it allows you to manage your mail. This allows you... FTP access through File zila FTP Access Thorugh FileZila:1. Install FileZilla Client from this URL... Force Non Legacy Backup to Start (WHM/cPanel) Learn backup configuration that will force it to run immediately instead of waiting for the... How To Enable php shell_exec In cPanel First, let’s check if we are using PHP-FPM for a specific domain. 1) Login to WHM. 2) Navigate... How To Install Zend OPCache on cPanel Servers To get the best performance out of cPanel servers it is advisable to install Zend OPcache.... How to Install Imagick on cPanel Server To install Imagick first install ImageMagick on the server. Learn how to install Imagick on... How to change DNS Zone in cPanel? How to change DNS zones (MX, CNAME, and A records)Shared: With cPanel 11.25, you now have access... How to change the GoDaddy Name Servers How to Change GoDaddy Name Servers While HostGator cannot modify name servers at third party... How to configure outlook you have to use normal settings to setup outlook. username : user@domain.comsmtp/pop host:... How to configure outlook?? Please check below settings to configure email account... How to connect to mySQL database ? One of the advanced features of cPanel is that it allows you to manage your databases.The... How to create cpanel accounts in whm 1> Login to cpanel2> Click on WHM3> Click on Create new account in left panel4>... How to create nameservers How to create private name servers?   Follow the below given steps to create the private... How to generate a full backup? How to generate/download a full backup cPanel A full backup is a backup of all... MS Outlook shortcut keys Outlook shortcut keys   Alt + S -- Send the email. Ctrl + C -- Copy selected text. Ctrl + X... MS Word shortcut keys Word shortcut keys   Ctrl + A -- Select all contents of the page. Ctrl + B -- Bold... Microsoft Windows shortcut keys Microsoft Windows shortcut keys list   Alt + Tab -- Switch between open applications. Alt +... Protecting Your Directories with Passwords Every business has its own equity—a unique branding that is created to strengthen its... RPM database corrupted If when any updates are running they receive errors containing: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run... Resizing/Expanding tmp Partition Excellent guidelines on how to resize or expand a tmp partition. Learn step by step to do it... Restart on Task Hang If there isn't enough memory allocated on a server tasks may hang on the server. Find step by... Setting the PHP Max Execution Time on cPanel Read 'how to guide' and set PHP max execution time on cPanel. A quick step by step guidelines for... Shortcuts for Mac Shortcuts for Mac Command + X: Cut selected text and copy it. Command + C: Copy selected... Transfer Linux Hosting/cPanel accounts from other provider to us Dear Client,Thank you for choosing cloudrain.in.Please follow below given steps to successfully... WordPress Installation in Cpanel/Whm How to install WordPress using Softaculous Once you order hosting service, you can start... cPanel Backups and restore (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client:... cPanel Cron Jobs cPanel provides advanced features that will allow you to manage your site efficiently by setting... cPanel's Security Tools CPanel gives you an interface that is complete with everything you need. You can choose the...
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