Add/Change/Remove Primary SMTP and Alias smtp in Active Directory Removing Primary SMTP in Active DirectorySet-ADUser accounting -Remove... Computer keyboard shortcut keys List of basic computer shortcut keys:   Alt + F--File menu options in the current program.... Get a List of Installed Application from computers (PowerShell) Get a List of Installed Application from computers (PowerShell) Script Step1: Run the script in... How to Get the Windows Patch Report in Excel though Power Shell Script $Session = New-Object -ComObject “Microsoft.Update.Session” $Searcher =... Lync Migration to Office 365 Lync   Contact Backup Script :                  Export-CsUserData -PoolFQDN "lync01.qb.com"... Microsoft Windows shortcut keys Microsoft Windows shortcut keys list   Alt + Tab -- Switch between open applications. Alt +... PowerShell – Updating Users Email Addresses In Active Directory Problem Note: I’m referring to the Email address value that is listed on the user object in... Powerhell Script to remove the Powershell.exe Malware/Virus Powershell.exe run with High CPU Usage and Memory Below Script will run and remove the... Powershell Script to remove the Default outlook Profile in user machines $outlookApplication = New-Object -ComObject ‘Outlook.Application’ $profileName =... Powershell Script to remove the outlook profile in the name of “outlook” #Run on system logged in as the user you are trying to delete and recreate the profile for   if... Script to Add Members in the Azure AD group Connect-AzureAD   Update-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "OffshoreTeam" -Memberst... Script to create Active Directory User ID using Powershell Script to create User ID(use this command in AD server) New-ADUser -Name(Read-Host -AsPlainText... Script to delete the file older than 2 days Script to delete the file older than 2 days   Example given below. You change the days... Script to remove Powershell.exe Malware/Virus by list of computers How to clear powershell.exe Malware by list of computersCreate updateCheckServers.txt in the same... shortcut keys for special characters Many special characters can be created using keyboard shortcuts. Below are some of the more...
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