Add/Change/Remove Primary SMTP and Alias smtp in Active Directory Removing Primary SMTP in Active DirectorySet-ADUser accounting -Remove... Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Command MacOS Windows Open new... Computer keyboard shortcut keys List of basic computer shortcut keys:   Alt + F--File menu options in the current program.... Failed at 98% : Unable to find the system volume reconfiguration is not possible On the target platform boot the newly created VM into the Windows Recovery CD. After boot is... Finder Shortcuts Finder Shortcuts Shift + Command + F: Open All My Files window. Shift + Command + K: Open... Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Command Mac OS Windows Go back a... Get a List of Installed Application from computers (PowerShell) Get a List of Installed Application from computers (PowerShell) Script Step1: Run the script in... Get computer Name and hardware information $computerSystem = Get-CimInstance CIM_ComputerSystem$computerBIOS = Get-CimInstance... Get remote computer Name and Hardware information $ArrComputers = “.”, “PC152”, “PC747”#Specify the list of PC names in the line above. “.” means... How to Export and Import DNS Zone Export DNS zones:Run REGEDIT and navigate to:... How to FIX the Windows Server 2012 RDS deployment “The server has reboots pending and needs to be restarted   If you have tried to Deploy Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) on a Windows... How to Fix "A Required Device Isn't Connected or Can't Be Accessed" Solution 1. Perform an Automatic Startup Repair 1) Boot from the Windows 10, 8 or 7 USB or DVD... How to Resize Virtual Machine Hard Disks in Hyper-V 2012 R2( Edit is not available because checkpoints exist for this Virtual Machine) How to Expand? To expand, Right Click on the Virtual Machine and then click on “Settings”. Click... How to check database name with size How to check Database name with Size:  select sys.databases.name,... How to connect Remote Connection Machine How to connect Remote Connection Machine   Type the IP address    Lync Migration to Office 365 Lync   Contact Backup Script :                  Export-CsUserData -PoolFQDN "lync01.qb.com"... MS Excel shortcut keys Excel shortcut keys   F2 -- Edit the selected cell. F5 -- Go to a specific cell. F7 --... MS Outlook shortcut keys Outlook shortcut keys   Alt + S -- Send the email. Ctrl + C -- Copy selected text. Ctrl + X... MS Word shortcut keys Word shortcut keys   Ctrl + A -- Select all contents of the page. Ctrl + B -- Bold... Microsoft Windows shortcut keys Microsoft Windows shortcut keys list   Alt + Tab -- Switch between open applications. Alt +... No connectivity with any of Web Conferencing Edge Servers. External Skype for Business clients cannot use Web Conferencing modality. Issue: After recent patches we started seeing errors on the Front-End Servers stating: No... PowerShell – Updating Users Email Addresses In Active Directory Problem Note: I’m referring to the Email address value that is listed on the user object in... Powerhell Script to remove the Powershell.exe Malware/Virus Powershell.exe run with High CPU Usage and Memory Below Script will run and remove the... RemoteApp Disconnected - error connecting to Remote Computers Issue Newly setup Remote Desktop Web Access service with RD Web Access, RD Gateway and RD... Script to delete the file older than 2 days Script to delete the file older than 2 days   Example given below. You change the days... Script to remove Powershell.exe Malware/Virus by list of computers How to clear powershell.exe Malware by list of computersCreate updateCheckServers.txt in the same... Shortcuts for Mac Shortcuts for Mac Command + X: Cut selected text and copy it. Command + C: Copy selected... The Remote Computer could be found Please contact your helpdesk about his error Solution 1. On the Server, Start > RD Gateway Manager > Locate your server > right... WINKEY shortcuts WINKEY shortcuts:   WINKEY + D -- Bring desktop to the top of other windows. WINKEY + M --... Windows PXE Boot Issues, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) PXE Boot Issue Issue:    After installing this update, there may be issues using the Preboot Execution... Windows Process Activation service error 13 the data is invalid Windows Process Activation Service – Error 13: The data is invalid     Take the Backup... Windows System Commands Windows System Commands Type the following commands in your Run dialogue box (Windows Key + R)... shortcut keys for special characters Many special characters can be created using keyboard shortcuts. Below are some of the more...
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